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The Chicken and

the Avocado Tree

Giving hope and strength to families

in the midst of life’s storms.

The Story


The story of The Chicken and the Avocado Tree was inspired by real events taking place at an orphanage in Haiti. This “very special home” for “very special children” prompted American nurse, Sue Sullivan, to write about the beautiful children, caring workers and pastors that she met while on her travels. It has a message of love, security and belonging. 

46 pages of beautiful, full color illustrations. Only $15 plus shipping. 

All proceeds from this book will be used to fund a Health Clinic in the remote region of Batso, Haiti. 
With a Haitian doctor, nurse, pastor and assistant already identified, the Haitian Health Clinic is up and running. Thank you for your support in our vision!

The Author


Sue Sullivan is a registered nurse who works for Waterford Country School, a Connecticut based nonprofit human service agency dedicated to helping children and families.  She is married to her husband of 30 years and has three grown children and two grandchildren. She learned of HELP Mission through her church and went on the first mission trip in July of 2015  to an orphanage in Batso, Haiti and has gone every year since.

Sue will adamantly say “I am not a writer!” but felt called to write this story as the real people, children and events she encountered in Haiti pressed upon her heart. It all started with an interesting door nailed to the bottom of an avocado tree.... 


Francklyn Metelus is the oldest of eight children and is the bread winner for his family. His father died when he was very young. 
He attends a church in Cap-Haitian, Haiti where he connected with HELP International, a nonprofit organization out of Pomfret CT. Francklyn has been an active member of every mission trip to the orphanage in Batso. He has come alongside the American team and they rely on him tremendously. He is always eager to work and never seems to tire.

He is a strong, kind, honest, young man with a  strong faith to match his big responsibilities. During one particular trip the team learned of his artistic talent and the idea of commissioning Francklyn to paint the illustrations for this story came to be! Francklyn painted with acrylic on canvas.  All of the paintings for this story were sold to people in the USA. 

The Artist


It brings a message of hope and a desire to care for others. Makes for great opportunities for discussion between parent, child and educator on topics so vital to our society! A must-have addition to your library! 



My kindergarten class loved reading about the children in the orphanage, mama chicken and the perils of a storm! We finished the book off with a character building activity related to personal acts of kindness even when we have differences. 



My favorite part about the book is that it is based on real events from a remote region of Haiti where there is desperate need for help. Even if we cannot go to Haiti, we can help support the effort.  



The Reviews


For more info on the Haitian Health Clinic, contact:  CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF SALEM

Tel: (860) 859-1211 | 244 Hartford Rd, Salem, CT 06420  |

For book signings with the author, please contact Sue Sullivan 

Tel: 860-884-6830  |

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